Daily Schedule

Time Event Location
9:00 Attendance/Announcements/Stretch-out Field House
9:15  Drill Stations All Courts
10:25 Coach Spirou Daily Clinic Field House
11:00 League Games All Courts
11:45 Lunch Dining Hall
12:30 Pool/ Individual Instruction Pool/FH/Gym
1:30 League Games All Courts
2:15 FT – Penmen Shoot-out – Skills Practice All Courts
3:00 League Games All Courts
3:45 Dismissal/Announcements Field House
On Monday, there is a registration period from 8:00-9:00 AM, and a camper evaluation period during the drill station session.




Time Event Location
9:00 Stretch-out Field House
9:10 League Playoff Games All Courts
9:45 Semi-Finals Playoff Games All Courts
10:30 Penmen Shootout/Foul Shooting Finals All Courts
11:00 Championship Games Gym/FH
11:40 Awards Field House
12:00 Player Evaluations\Dismissal Field House